Is John Cena On Steroids?

Is John Cena on steroids

Many people ask is john cena on steroids. But John Cena has been accused of using steroids. This accusation was brought against him because of his Herculean body. He is the only wrestler with only 1 ounce of body fat.

 Because of his lack of fat, everyone believed he used steroids. Read the full article to find out if wrestler John Cena is using steroids. John Cena has spent much of his life working on bodybuilding. So he was not taking steroids when he won in 2000.

How did John Cena get his muscles?

 John Cena is best known for his bodybuilding. John Cena created his muscle using several methods. Let’s see: is john cena on steroids?

  • Excessive physical exertion
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Caution on fitness
  • Regular weight check
  • Lose weight naturally.

John Cena lost weight using these methods. And he was always against the use of steroids.

 Does John Cena Have Acromegaly?

 Bone size is increased due to John Cena’s hormone imbalance. As a result, he has been in favour of height growth since childhood. He is called Demonism for this reason.

 Later changes in his bones, hands, feet, and face are called acromegaly. Advanced treatment is required in such cases. And it takes some time to recover. I hope you get the answer. Is john cena on steroids?

What does John Cena eat a day?

 Let’s take a look at What Does John Cena Eat A Day?

 Meal 1:

  • Sautéed vegetables,
  • 6 egg whites,
  • 4 scrambled eggs,
  • Swiss cheese,
  • 2 whole eggs,
  • 100g oatmeal with raisins and applesauce,
  • Bacon.

Meal 2:

  • 2 scoops of protein and 2 cups of water
  • 200-calorie protein bar

Meal 3:

  • Vegetables or salad,
  • 2 chicken breasts,
  • 100 g–150 g of brown rice.

Meal 4:

  • Tuna fish,
  • Whole wheat pita bread.

Meal 5:

  • 2 scoops of protein and 2 cups of water
  • 200–250-calorie protein bar.

Meal 6:

  • Vegetables,
  • Chicken or fish (any kind of protein)
  • Pasta or brown rice

Meal 7:

  • Casein protein shake,
  • Low-fat cottage cheese.


Is John Cena on steroids


Who Has Bigger Biceps? John Cena or The Rock?

Various studies have shown that John Cena’s biceps are bigger than The Rocks. However, the estimated size of his proximal bicep is 18.5 inches.

 But currently, the size of Cena’s bicep is 20 inches. So it’s clear from here that Johnny Cena’s biceps are bigger than The Rocks. And it doesn’t happen very often.


So from today’s article, we understand that John Cena does not use steroids to protect his health. He follows a strict diet and health practices to save his health. And diet is entirely responsible for his body building. So maybe you have understood is john cena on steroids.


 Is John Cena on steroids?

1) Was John Cena in the military?

 Ans: John Cena was never in the military.

 2) Could John

Can Cena be a bodybuilder?

 Ans: John Cena was a bodybuilder before he became a wrestler.

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