Does Cbum take steroids?

Does CBUM take steroids

Does Cbum take steroids? Today’s article will discuss the above topic. Many people are curious to know if Chris BumStade is natural or if he used steroids to get this amazing body. But a lot of information online is not reliable. Whether to use anabolic substances is his decision. Things like diet, exercise, blood work, etc. are essential to ensuring wellness. Let’s enjoy this topic together today.

Chris Bumstead on steroids vs. natural?

Does CBUM take steroids?

In short, we can say ‘no’. Of course, Chris Bumstead is not normal. Because Mr. Olympia prepares for the competition. During that time, he used steroids most of the time. As do almost all other competitors.

 How do you know if Chris Bumstead is on steroids or natural? The reasons are self-explanatory.

  •  First, it’s clear that Chris Bumstead has plenty of muscles.
  • Eat very little to get very low body fat. But he still retains most of those muscles.
  • You have to understand that very little body fat and having too much muscle require medication.

 Of course, I know that’s not hard evidence.

 Drug tests are the only scientific way to tell if someone is taking steroids. So shouldn’t Chris Bumstead fail a drug test? What if he is not normal? Not really good.

CBum competes in the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB). And the IFBB says that:

They drug-test athletes to prevent them from using drugs. In addition, the IFBB follows the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) List of Prohibited Substances. This list includes:

  • Steroids
  • Growth hormone
  •  stimulating
  •  and diuretics.

Drug testing is not a good way to know if he uses steroids.

 What Bumstead said,

 Whether starting steroids was a viable option for bodybuilding? To a fan’s question about that, Bumstead gave a distinct answer.

 “The answer is no,” said Bumstead. “I think you shouldn’t be taking anything potentially harmful to your body. The answer is already no. If you ask me that, you shouldn’t.”


 Chris Bumstead’s Steroid Cycle

 Chris discusses his steroid cycle in June 2022. He said he lost weight. And looking healthy. He indicated taking 200 mg of testosterone per week during the off-season. Which is close to the average TRT dose. But that number can go up to 500 mg a week during competition prep. Mainly, Chris Bumstead promotes health over anything else.


Does CBUM take steroids?

The decision must be yours. This is a well-educated decision. Because people have loved bodybuilding for years. And they take steroids. They’ll be like, ‘I don’t really like bodybuilding.’ Then they will quit bodybuilding. Emphasises diet above all else. We totally agree, because diet helps keep your body healthy. Meta description

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