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The entire procedure goes quickly and smoothly. You will receive your payment details after submitting your order. We require payment within 48 hours and following to instructions; you are responsible for the timing of this portion. Upon receipt of payment and prompt confirmation via Western Union or Bitcoin, we will expeditiously process your delivery, typically dispatching it within two days. Due to a high volume of shipments, it may happen that we have to send out US domestic express orders after 3–4 days. We only make an exception to the scheduled time for package drop-off for shipment if your order needs to be prepared near a weekend when we don’t ship orders.

There’s no minimum at Steroidsuser.

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Yes, All those staff are real.

The phone numbers are not used for our personal safety.


We take MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal, and credit cards. We might not always give you one of these payment options since we don’t have it available right now. When you are ready to choose a payment method and complete the delivery of your order, those are the options available to you. This implies that if any of the previously listed payment options are not available, they are not available at this time. Avoid selecting one method and sending it through a different one, since this could prevent us from collecting it and force you to redo it.

Yes, you can pay by credit card.

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Before adding the products to your cart and placing your order, create an account.

Up to 30 minutes for office time.

Shipping and Delivery

There’s no minimum at SteroidsUser.

A shipping charge of $30 will be applied to your order, regardless of its size or delivery location.

Your order will be delivered within 7 days, and you will be given access to the tracking number in 5 days.

Our team of employees works quickly, enabling us to deliver packages in seven to eleven days. In accordance with the tracking number or our tracking message, the T/A start on the day the package ships. We ensure delivery, and we have an extremely high success rate.

Depending on the products you have selected, we may send your delivery from more than one nation. Within our categories, the following options are available: International: parcels are dispatched to all nations from various locations. Domestic Europe: to and from Europe. From and to the United States of America, or US Domestic. You select the appropriate category, and we will ship from either of our international warehouses: US to US or EU to EU. 3–21 days is the general T/A. That is the T/A for delivery, though, if the category you choose indicates otherwise (for example, US domestic express line 3-5 days, or the other one that is up to 15 days). If your order is intercepted by customs or the postal service makes a mistake. It certainly causes a delay, but as we guarantee delivery, we will reship the goods to you. We can ensure delivery 100% in this way. *Verify that you have read the reship policy.

Indeed. For every package that is being dispatched, we provide tracking numbers. It’s possible that the tracker doesn’t provide daily updates or that the scan updates are missing. It does not imply that the package is not in motion. Usually, tracking numbers are sent out three days after the shipment is dispatched.

Yes. We do ship to P.O. Boxes.

Orders ship from the USA.

Upon delivery, signatures could be required because we ship from different places and businesses. Please indicate on your order ticket if you do not wish to sign for your package.

Sure, but only if you choose Beligas Pharmaceuticals’ products, which are shipped all over the world.

You will get the product via USPS.

Indeed, you can. But it’s crucial that you submit a ticket verifying that we are aware of your name and/or address change. We also require you to write us the updated information since if you’ve previously submitted an order with the old information, it won’t update for that order. Please write your name and address on the tickets; it is strongly recommended. UGF will not replace a shipment that is sent to the address you initially provided if you do not notify us of the change within a reasonable timeframe. This is because it would be your responsibility.

Yes. We are located in the USA.

Lavus 02 , USA.

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Dosage and Guide

One pill should be taken daily if you are a beginner.

Yes, You will see very few side effects.

You can take Anavar and Winstrol.

You can take our ultimate cycle, that made for fat burning and muscle growth.

You can take our ultimate cycle, that made for fat burning and muscle growth.

Yes, Deca is a good steroid to increase strength.

Any intramuscular like the upper arm, hip, thigh, and buttocks.

Anavar gives you to lose weight at the same time gain muscle.

100% real Winstrol.

You will start seeing results in 7-10 days.

Use intramuscular (The upper arm, hip, thigh, and buttocks).